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Friday, October 2, 2009

Lucky Friday

Hi. It's me Oscar. Hope your Friday is going well.

Fall is definitely upon us here in Ohio. We have gone from decent weather to "Geesh, who turned off the heat?" weather. Very rainy, cold and blustery. I always thought Spring was supposed to come in like a lion. Autumn came in like a banshee!

Being a dachshund, I like to snuggle, burrow and hog every sunbeam I can find. I like to always be warm. I can honestly admit that I am very piggish when it comes to blankets, comfy beds and warm laps. Hey, a doxies got to do what a doxies got to do. In fact, my nickname is The Mole. Not because I like to burrow but because I am always attached to my mom some how. Let's face it, I got lucky when my family brought me into my forever home because my mom is a freeze-cat. The old gal is always cold and therefore, always snuggling up in a blanket or wearing twenty layers of clothing. She is the ideal candidate for me to latch on to... therefore, I am her mole.

Truthfully, I think she enjoys every minute of my snuggling. She usually keeps her complaints to a minimum when I am pushing her rump into the side of the recliner or when I have burrowed under the blankets in bed at night and have decided to stretch out... perpendicular. What a trooper she is!

So, on this Lucky Friday, I feel it is safe to say that my mom is the luckiest for having a dog like me to keep her warm at all times.

Okay, my friends. Where is your favorite place to sleep? How have you made your family lucky by having you in their lives?

By the way, this is how Tucker has to sleep now. Always with one eye open.

That's right little buddy - always wonder when I will release my full revenge upon you for airing my dirty laundry for all the internet to read. Sweet dreams Tucker.

We will be attending PugFair tomorrow. Lots of pictures next week (if mom remembers her camera).
Have a great weekend my friends!


Sam said...

You fit real nice on that lap, dont you! It's very cold here, too, so you're not the only ones.

Deborah said...

Mr Chips and Winston love to snuggle also! Very cute, my little Mr Chips gets cold all the time! He wears a sweater in the winter to keep warm!!

Samantha said...

Can't believe how cold it's gotten back there eastways! I haven't thought about burrowing down yet, but I have a very thick coat, in fact, two coat layers, so I'm always extra warm. You look very, very snuggly in those photos - both you pups do! Very cute post! I love to sleep in my bed or on the only couch I'm allowed on!
Hugs xo

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khomfy khozy khute pikhs!


Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

My mom is one of those people who is always cold, too, and so she doesn't complain at all when I stretch out against her, or curl up around her head. And if I'm not all over her? She sticks her hands on my ears or my belly to keep warm, because she says I am a natural furnace.

*kissey face*

Mango said...

We finally turned on the heat last night. My momma is always cold too, but I make a nice snuggle blanket for her.


Cole said...

You do fit really well on a lap!

Both Beckett and Meadow are little burrowers too. I probably shouldn't tell you how pampered they are... but they each have their own king-sized pillow on my bed. That doesn't stop them from pressing their hot doxie bodies against me at night though. :-)

Benny and Lily said...

Hi Guys
We could relate. Do we love the sun. In California we try to keep up with our tan. What cute pictures.
Benny & Lily

Martha Basset said...

We love to snuggle too! It must be a hound thing Oscar. Sometimes our humans think we dont smell so good but hey you can't have it all - right!
Our family are very lucky to have rescued us cos we take such good care of them.
Bailey makes them laugh all of the time - she is just sooooo funny and me Martha I am absolutely and completely devoted to my mum.

love you lots
Martha & bailey xxxx

Joe Stains said...

Tanner sleeps with his eyes open too, it is creepy. He also likes to snuggle, but not me!!

curator said...

Yes, all the Museum noses are suddenly super chilly too to match the great we all pile onto the bed and a certain raggy pink robe.

Deefor said...

Gee you look great with the fan coming out of your head. I like to snuggle too.

Twix said...

I too am a cuddler! As a true doxie, I hate winter! I sleep in the big bed between mom and dad every night. I kick and push them out of my way until I am comfy and then they can get comfy. I love your photos, Oscar, the last 2 especially!

Brownie said...

Wow! You are a champion snuggler! I love to snuggle with my momster too, cause she has cold hands and feet all the time. I love keeping her warm!