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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Three Amigos

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dear Suma, speaking of bacon...

Oscar: Tuck-Tuck, what do you think about this comment on your earlier article?

Tucker: The boy likes his Suma Wrestlers; what's not to like?

Oscar: You know where I'm going...

Tucker: I get ya; it's about the bacon.

Oscar: Well yeah! Suma Wrestlers have bacon bits sprinkled on warm soft pretzel wraps. Pretzles, bacon, treats, does it get any better?? I think you're underestimating the power and allure of bacon, all by itself. I like bacon on everything. I thought that plaid bed was good, then she brought you home and I don't for one minute mind biting your over-sized ears til you scream, then she has to go and bring home bacon. When it's cooking, I like to find the highest point and try to live in the strata of grease-fog. It sticks to me and you and that makes your big, over-sized ears that much more edible.

Tucker: You got issues man.

Oscar: If you're not with me, you're the one with the issues. It's a spiritual meal.

Find your Suma Wrestlers here: Suma Wrestlers

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where it all started

It was the Pup Tarts; that's where it started. A different kind of treat and it wasn't even my fault. She held her hand out, I took it from her and then there was no going back. I'd had small pieces of filet before, even prime rib bones to chew on at length. But this Pup Tart thing was different. I felt a little dizzy and...wait...hold on...I think I smell something...nope, false alarm. Anyway this treat made me dizzy and longing for more. I sat at her feet for what seemed like two hours (which is like 14 of yours) and no more treats followed. But I still think about those Pup Tarts every day and I won't stop following her around until I get another taste. I try to be good, hold on...who's walking by the house???..."Arf, arf-arf-whoof-woof-arrrr!!! " That'll show 'em. Anyway, I try to be good, but I am still a puppy. A puppy holding out hope for the next Pup Tart. The doggone dog treat handed down straight from heaven. Here's a link to were I think she got them: All for now...hey...what's that shiny thing over there?...Gotta go. -Tucker