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Monday, January 12, 2009

New Toys

Our aunt gave us some new toys.

Yeah! What fun!

There were three of them, one for each of us.
The toys are long animals (rabbit, fox and raccoon) without any stuffing in them.
They have a squeaker at each end which we quickly killed.
We were so excited about our new toys that
we quickly tore the face off of that nasty rabbit.
If we can't catch them in our backyard, we can certainly
bring the pain in our home.

Look at Tink stalking them and then pouncing!
They are even great for tug-of-war... one of our favorites!

We love our new toys - thanks Aunt Missy!


Mango said...

I have one of those non-stuffies too. I really like it because it is quite like an actual road kill (hee hee).

Mango said...

The only thing missing is the tire tracks and the stinky smell but Tucker is working on the stinky smell.

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Martha Basset said...

I am still not sure about toys so glad you killed them!