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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


In our house we have what we like to refer to as an "open door policy".

Basically that means that our family is not allowed to shut a door because we will sit outside and scratch and whine until they open the shut door. We really don't like when they close themselves in the room they like to refer to as the bathroom (among other names). Oscar has resorted to howling when our mom thinks she can take a shower without his help. All we want to do is watch our people in the shower, see what bath toys have been left lying around that we can chew on and pick tissues out of the wastebasket.

Last night, our little
girl took her nightly bath.
We were right there with her and our big girl took the pictures to prove it!


Mango said...

You guys are peepers?

I need to try that scratching thing. I usually put my nose under doors and make snorting sounds, but that doesn't make the doors open.


Eduardo said...

I do the same thing! My Mommy thinks she can leave me for some private time?!?! PLEASE!!!! I don't think so! Shoot, If I wasn't so darn stubborn about baths I might take one with her, BOL! My Daddy says I'm Mommy's little Bi***, that always makes Mommy hit him.
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle said...

Eduardo, that's what our dad says about us too! Our Mom has the three of us and three kids following her around at all times. It's kinda funny when her head spins and green pea soup spews out when she tries to go into a room by herself. We love to help her when she is on the computer also! Everyone gets involved and jockeys for her attention. What fun!

Martha Basset said...

Nice to meet you - thanks for dropping by our blog.
We agree about the open door policy and whine when we are shut out. Mum says that I am a velcro dog. Not sure what that means but she is getting better at not falling over me! Bailey is not quite so bad but then again she is twice my age!
basset kisses
Martha & Bailey xx

Huskee and Hershey said...

Ahhh... Peeping Toms!! (or rather, Peeing Oscar, Peeing Tucker and Peeing Tinkerbell!!)....
OK I think the humans should appreciate the fact that you were just trying to 'help', right? Heehee...