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Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Funnies

Joke Time!
Something to make you smile.

What happened when the dog went to the flea circus?
He stole the show!

What dogs are best for sending telegrams?
Wired-hair Terriers!

What happens when it rains cats and dogs?
You might step in a poodle!

Why don't dogs make good dancers?
They have two left feet!

What did the Dalmatian say after he ate his meal?
That hits the spots!

When you catch your dog eating a dictionary, what should you do?
Take the words right out of his mouth!

No Friday would be complete without picking on a cat or two...

What does a cat do when it is mad?
It has a hissssssy fit!

And finally, for Mr. Puggle...
Which foods definitely don't mix?
A hot dog and cat-sup!

Sometimes I just crack myself up!

Have a great weekend everyone!

(P.S. Tinkerbell and Oscar wish you a happy and fun-filled weekend too!)


Martha Basset said...

We liked your Friday funnies but your post is showing as posted four days ago!
We nearly didnt see you!!!
Have a great weekend guys.
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Nibbles Treats said...

Martha and Bailey,
Thanks so much for alerting us to our error. This was a draft we started the other day. You two should be detectives along with being aunties!

Lots of treats,
Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Twix said...

Great jokes! Momma told me to tell you she needed that today...she had a REALLY bad day at work today.
Have a great weekend!
Love and hugs

Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Heehee! You are TOO funny!

*kissey face*

Mango said...

Tucker! You are just too clever for me. Those are great doggie jokes.


Anonymous said...

very funny!

Joe Stains said...

We are very sorry to hear about your buddy Sammy, he sure was handsome. Thanks for the jokes, they are perfect for a Friday!

Mack said...

We really have a smile on our face now!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Tank woo fur sharing!


Dory's Backyard said...

Tee Hee Funny Friday Funnies!!

Snicker Smileys!

Cole said...

Very cute! And I love your picture. :-)

Bijou said...


Thanks for the funnies!

Sorry about your pal Sammy. What happened to him is truly heartbreaking.


Tee said...

Hehehe, we enjoyed your funnies!

Licks and wags

TUffy and the Dog Woods Pack

Martha Basset said...

We think it is our mission in life to keep all dog bloggers on the right tracks!!
love and kisses
Martha & bailey xxxx

Three Dogs Long said...

Teeheee! We loved your Friday Funnies!

((hugs)) Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

Mr. Puggle said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh that was great! thanks for thinking of me. i picture tuc saying the jokes in that deep raspy voice. makes it even funnier.

Brownie said...

BOL! So funny! :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!


Good jokes!

Lots of licks and woofs,

Puppy Dog

Life With Dogs said...

I didn't find this until Monday, which is even better. Thanks for the laughs! :)

Lea Munley said...

excellent! the dog and stuffed dog is a priceless pic!

--Lea & Riley the speckled mutt
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