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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Look up!

You know spring is finally here when you see the return of the tree cats. Camouflaged to blend into the bark of the tree, they are known to capture any bird or squirrel that may venture or fly to the tree. Watch out below though. They will pounce on any unsuspecting dog that ventures by. They will "cat"apult themselves onto the back of any uncourageous small dog, scaring the bejebus out of them, and be out of site before the dog is able to come to their senses.

Be aware... be very aware.


GoldenSamantha said...

Oh my mom is kind of watching out for me now on our walkies, cause I have a problem looking up, but I can hear very well and know when something suspicious is in the trees above - thanks for forewarning me!!!!
xo Love,

Frankie Furter said...

YIKES!!! Tree cats. I have never thought about this scary possibility. I have always known that they were not truly trustworthy creatures. I very much thank you for the warning.
Licks & Wags

Mr. Puggle said...

scary kitties

Chester's Mom said...

We didn't use ta have tree cats until I came along. They used to be field cats but they too are now tree cats. Hmmmmm..............wonder why?

I try to climb trees so I can get a closer look at 'em but tree bark isn't easy to climb.

Woofs and camouflaged slobbers!

Martha Basset said...

Mmmmm tree cats - thanks for letting us know - something else to look out for!
Martha & Bailey xx

Ludo van puppy said...

I will be certain to be looking out for them!
You says about rabbits being sneaky when all the time you knew about these cats...
~lickies, Ludo

Mason Dixie said...

Oh no, now I will be walking with my nose to the air instead of the ground )

Mango said...

We do not have any tree cats at my estate unless they are blending in very well. I wish we did. It would make life more exciting.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I've been the khause of some of those tree khats!


Suzuki said...

Thank you fur the warning. I will keep a lookout fur these tree cats when it reaches Spring here.
Big licks to you