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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


A face only a mother could love!

It seems like every day Tucker's und
erbite becomes more prominent. The vet feels that he is doing well with eating, etc. so there is no need for concern. We have to agree with the vet. Tuck is always camped out by the food bowl. He loves to eat and never misses a meal. Eating, playing tug-o-war, barking and growling are no problem for him.

Tucker has recently discovered the hair dryer. The boys are always worried about mom so they follow her everywhere. Some times I hear her tell them to go and find something else to do besides constantly being under her feet. Poor mom cannot even go to the bathroom without the boys wanting to be in there with her. Oscar sits by the door and whines! Tha
t's how Tucker discovered the hair dryer. Mom decided that if he wanted to be in the bathroom with her, then he would have to deal with the hair dryer. She turned it on, took aim and fired! Shot the air right into Tuck's face and guess what? He loved it! Mom had gut giggles laughing at Tuck's reaction to it. If you have ever seen the kids movie, "The Neverending Story" then you can imagine that Tuck looked like the dog/dragon when he flew in the movie. He lifted his head up and felt the breeze whipping through his hair, blowing his ears back. Oscar ran and hid under the bed!
Tucker never ceases to amaze us.
He keeps us entertained with his antics every day.
Our little Ewok is definitely a good addition to the family.

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