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Friday, January 30, 2009

OMG... What's That Smell?!?

Holy smells, Batman!
Who let the skunk into the house?!?
Grab your aerosol can, gas masks and whatever else it may take and step into our world.

Our morning started very early with the sounds of urpa-burpa's. What's an urpa-burpa you ask? That's the sound that is made right before Tuck explodes out whatever was in his belly that he shouldn't have eaten. Our mom shot out of bed at the sound of the first urpa, grabbed Tuck and ran to the sliding door onto the deck. Too late. Tuck spewed something bluish-green onto the floor. The fun didn't end there. Throughout the morning, he urpa-burpa'd three more times. Geesh! How much gunk can one Pekingese have in his belly?
(We forgot how often Tuck is camped out by the food bowl. He's a big eater!)

Apparently, the urpa's were the calm before the storm because then came the stench!

These are not your ordinary little dog farts - these are big boy, clear-the-room farts!
How can such a little dog produce these tear-inducing, cover-your-nose, turn-the-fan-on farts?

The scariest part of all of this is that he is happy. Tuck is acting like Tuck - running around like a ninny, playing and having fun. Apparently, getting the unidentifiable blue/green urpa-burpa out of his belly was all it took to put him back on the track to crazytown where he loves to reside.

The rest of us are left here to suffer. Thanks Tuck - we owe you one!


Martha Basset said...

Our mum wants to say thank you for cheering her up. She has just read about poor Tuck and is chuckling away - even with her painkillers!
Humans are such strange being! We are glad that Tuck is feeling better. Sometimes these things happen to a dog...........
Martha & Bailey xx

Mason Dixie said...

BOL, that is too funny and smelly. I am glad Tuck feels better though. sometimes it just has to come back out, one way or another. =)

Lexi, Qwill, Shiner and Trophy said...

just came across your blog from the dogs with blogs website. Wanted to find more Ohio doggies to be friends with! Hope to see you around!

Samantha: said...

Just found your blog - ewww, so sorry about the urpa - great sound bite. Hope you feel better Tuck!

Martha Basset said...

Hi Everybody
Sorry to tell you that our mum has just been advised by Eduardo that the ladybug award is in fact linked to a porn site!!!!!!
We will delete ours and apologise for passing it to you although our good wishes were sincere and they remain with you.