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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dog Park

We took a trip to the dog park this Saturday. Loaded three dogs, three kids and our mom and dad into the SUV and headed out in the frigid cold to play with some new friends. We are pretty lucky that there is a really nice dog park a few miles from our home. There are 3 different fenced in areas for us to play in. The stress of getting us there is well worth it when Tinker has the opportunity to run and run and run! She is that type of dog that always has to be on a leash because she is a runner. If she gets outside without a leash on, she will look back with a crazy look in her eyes like "HA HA HA! CATCH MY DUST!" and off she runs. It's always an ordeal to get the leash back on her and to get her back home. If left alone, she will come back home when she feels she is ready but my mom is afraid she may get hit by a car so they always go on a Tink Hunt to bring her back home.

Days like Saturday she lives for! She made a lot of new friends and ran until she couldn't run anymore. It's always nice to see the smile on her face when she knows we are heading to the dog park.

We have no pictures to show how much fun we had. In all the commotion, the camera was left sitting on the kitchen table. We had so much fun though! Oscar was the littlest guy there and he looked rather handsome in his daisy sweater. We were very proud of him when a bigger dog was trying to be Alpha to Tink. Oscar barked at him and then ran and hid behind Mom's legs. At least he tried to be courageous! Tink is his girl!

Tucker spent most of the time just running around sniffing everything. He loves to chase and be chased.

By the time we left, the fenced in area that we were in had about 15 dogs to play with. Nice turn out for such a cold day. Once we got home, we spent the day sleeping. Tink even had a smile on her face while she dozed the day away on her bed. We are looking forward to our next trip to the dog park. Hope it will be soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker! Thanks for visiting my blog! It looks like you've got a great doggie park - wow, and snow to play in, too. It's only snowed in South Florida once - years and years ago on my mom's birthday. And speaking of birthdays, it sounds like your mom's got a good one there...

Your friend,

Katie said...

dont forget that when oscar was sleeping, he started barking. that was so cute