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Monday, December 8, 2008

Holy Coldness Batman!

WOW - it's been cold outside! We got some snow over the weekend but along with the snow came some really cold temps. Even with his sweater on, Oscar was shaking. This is the first time Tucker has seen snow. His first reaction was to stand in the wind and raise his nose to the sky. If he were human, he would look like he was catching snow flakes on his tongue. We don't have any pictures to share because we were quickly out to do our thing and then back into the house to snuggle on our beds or a nice, warm lap.

I can't wait for a really big snow to play in. I love to burrow my nose into it. Poor Oscar is so close to the ground, it is hard for him to do his business. Our family always clears a spot for him. Tucker is going to love a good, deep snow. He doesn't mind the cold as much. He and I can frolic in the yard. Until then - Tink

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