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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Since this is our blog, we feel that we can write about whatever we want.

They are big, ugly and smelly!
(Okay, not really but they just aren't dogs and they think that they are just so much better than us. Hmph!)

Anyway, we got to thinking about it and decided to make an exception. We felt that we should introduce you to our "cousin". His name is Radar and here's his story:

Our aunt M is an animal magnet. If there is a stray within a 5 mile radius, it will find her. Always has, always will. She spends a small income making sure the deer that wander into her backyard have food, the mommy raccoon that wanders onto her deck year after ye
ar with her kids has food, the many birds that frequent her feeders have food and not to mention her three Boston Terriers Deuce, Tillie and Belle are well cared for. She has had many cats over the years too. Currently she has Oliver (who likes to race you to the bathroom and lick your leg with his sandpaper tongue) and the ever elusive Kit (she's had her for years but we've never seen her. We're not really sure she exists). Not too long ago, Aunt M and Uncle D had to have a cat put down that found them years ago named "White Cat". He would wander onto her deck and eat the raccoon food. She put a box out for him for shelter and needless to say, he eventually made his way into the house and was a great companion. Then along came Radar.

Aunt M was feeling sad about the death of White Cat when Radar showed up - well, he actually hobbled up. Radar must have been hit by a car or suffered an injury that messed his leg up. It sticks out kinda funny. Of course, Aunt M scooped him up, took him to the vet, got a clean bill of health on him, checked the "Lost Cat" ads and Craiglist. Needless to say, Radar has now settled into the daily chaos of living with Deuce, Tillie, Belle, Oliver and Kit.

Here he is!
We think he's a pretty lucky guy!

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