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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Tinkerbell here. It seems to be my turn to make a post to the blog. So, I want to know whose big idea it was to dress pets up for Halloween. My people didn't take us out trick-or-treating because the boys were already so scared. (Neither one of them are very brave - sorry Tuck and Oscar). But they did dress us up in some silly costumes, laugh hysterically and take pictures of us. (Check out the pictures)

Tucker had to wear a t-shirt with a cup cake on it. He's a boy! Boys don't wear cupcakes. (I must say though, he did look rather cute. It was the perfect colors for him).

My costume wasn't too bad. I got to wear a Santa hat bandana that my grandma made for me. I look ready for Christmas!

Now, about Oscar's outfit. What were they thinking? They dressed him up as a hotdog in a bun but his outfit looked more like floatation devices than buns. Even I had to snicker when I saw him! My people humiliated him long enough to change his outfit into his new t-shirt that reads, "Waiting for Santa".

Like I mentioned, we didn't go out for candy with our people because the boys were too scared. My people were kind enough to sit outside in the driveway to hand out candy so I wouldn't have to have a barking fit every time the door bell rang. Aren't they the best?!?

The night ended wonderfully for us because we were treated to some iced peanut butter bones that were decorated in Halloween colors. We are the luckiest dogs around! Our mom makes the best treats ever!

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mamawdayskids said...

These are my grand pups and I think they look adorable for Halloween! I look forward to their first Christmas as a family - you know Tucker just recently joined the family! I hope they enjoyed their blankees and goodies I sent them yesterday.