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Friday, January 2, 2009

Lucky Friday

Today is Lucky Friday, a day when we reflect on how and why we are three very lucky dogs. There's been lots of buzz this week amongst all our dog friends on the net regarding shoes/booties for outdoor wear in the snow. We don't need to worry about that because we all refuse to be outside in the cold for very long. Our mom keeps the fur on Tucks feet trimmed so that he does not get snow balls stuck in between the pads. She also makes sure Oscar is wearing a sweater (he loves his gray manly-man sweater with the daisy on it. It's on his back so he doesn't know any better!)
I don't like to wear coats but that doesn't stop me from romping around in the snow.

So, why are we lucky dogs? We're lucky because we have a great place to live and wonderful people to take care of us and because of that, we don't have to spend a lot of time outside in the snow. We can play for a while but have the luxury of returning back inside to our comfy beds and blankets in the living room amongst all the daily chaos in our home. We are warm, happy, and healthy. What more could three dogs ask for?

Now, cue the music...
Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fires so delightful. And since we've no place to go... Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Happy New Year - Tink


Eduardo said...

Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog! What a great blog you have! I love the name! I would like to add you to my snuggle buddies list, so I can visit you more often!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle said...

Eduardo -
We would love for you to follow our blog. We will do the same with yours! Thanks!

Three Dogs Long said...

Hi Tink and Oscar!!! So nice to "meet" you & thank you for stopping by our blog!
Pls. come by anytime!

Your friends,
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

Three Dogs Long said...

We apologize - we forgot to say Hi to Tucker!!!


Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

Ruby said...

Hi Tucker, Tinkerbell & Oscar
I love to play outside in the snow. I wish it wasn't so cold on the paws, no boots for me.
I alzo love to curl up by the fire or snuggle under the blanket.
Have a gret lucky Friday and Happy New Year.
Love Ruby