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Friday, October 30, 2009

Speak of the devil...

...Halloween's here!

We hope you all get a lot of treats and not many tricks
(unless you are giving them).
Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm going to sit this one out

Happy Thursday Everyone!

It's me, Tucker.
I'm a pretty simple kinda-guy. I like what I like... I do what I want to do... Pretty carefree - until last night. Everything and everyone around me was chaotic! I couldn't even lay in the chair with my bone or "baby" and take a proper nap with all the racket going on.

What was all the hubbub you ask?


Last night the family was busy making sure costumes were ready to be donned, there was enough candy on hand for the trick-or-treaters and the school parties, creepy hats were being created to be worn at school and oh yeah, a big school project that needs to be turned in tomorrow was being finalized. And of course, all of this had to be done with a lot of laughter, scary noises and frightful decorations.

I have decided to lay low this year until after all of the festivities are over. I don't care for costumes or sweaters or shirts in the first place so I've decided that Halloween isn't really a holiday for me.

How about you? Are you going to trick-or-treat? What is your costume?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who ya gonna call?


That's right... we're back!
We came... we saw... and we officially kicked some pig boo-tah!
Our family are all well and have been cleared to return to school and our mom is also cleared to be back in business.

We've so dearly missed being able to use the computer and visit all of our friends. Be patient with us while we catch back up on what has been happening across the DWB.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Down for the count

Sorry Folks.
This blog is temporarily out of order until further notice
(or at least until the humans get better).

My name is H1N1, but you can call me "The Big Pig".
I decided to stop by for a few days and cause a little chaos.
Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker are just fine and will be
keeping me company while I make myself feel right at home.

Check back in a few days because I'm sure
the blogging will commence once the fevers are down.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Funnies - Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to the best people mommy on the planet! 
Happy Birthday to you!

First things first. Happy Birthday to our mom. The old gal has made it another year despite visits from "The Wrinkle Fairy", "The Big Butt Fairy", "The Gray Hair Fairy" and all their fairy friends that have made the trip from old-age fairyland to make their presence known.

We love you mom.
You, by far, have the most comfy and cushy body in the whole family. We love the extra pounds. That helps make snuggle time the best. We don't mind your gray hair (we just don't like the icky smell of the chemicals you like to use to get rid of those pesky gray's). We certainly don't mind your wrinkles - the more you get the more you start to resemble an English Bulldog and being a dog is cool! But your big butt does cause problems for Oscar on occasion when he is trying to "share" the recliner with you. We like that you are always cold and need to layer on the clothing or cover up with a blanket when you are sitting down. We don't mind sharing the blanket with you. But most of all Mom, we love you because of your most delicious treats that you are always making for us. Without you, we would probably whither away to mere existences of ourselves and that would definitely not be good.

So Mom, we want to wish you the best of days with many more to come. (Just remember to take your medicine for your achy knees, continue to take your vitamins and eat good for a healthy shiny coat, visit the doctor and stay up-to-date on your shots, but most importantly, always remember to wear your glasses. We wouldn't want you running into anything or falling down the steps. Old people break their hips during falls all the time and we wouldn't want that to happen to you.)

Hugs and kisses,
Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker